Current Date:

Wednesday, 07 March 2018

Amendments in the Nationality Law Addressed the Problems of Citizens in Border Areas

Khartoum - Minister of Interior, Lieutenant-General Hamid Manan stressed the importance of recent amendments to the law of the Sudanese nationality, which gives the

right to Sudanese children married to foreigners to obtain citizenship, pointing out that the new amendment has advantages in dealing with many of the problems faced by a number of Sudanese citizens, especially in the border areas, adding that the citizens of Abyei granted Sudanese nationality and that they are Sudanese people with all rights.
For his part, Director General of the Civil Registry, Major General Nasser Mohamed Al-Kabbashi reviewed the advantages of amending the Nationality Law, pointing out that it dealt with major problems faced by citizens living within the Sudanese territory, stressing that large numbers will benefit from this amendment and that his administration is ready and able to implement, indicating that the ministry intends to conduct 11 amendments in the Nationality Law.