Current Date:

Friday, 09 March 2018

Police Authorities Arrest Human Trafficking Network

Khartoum – Sharq Al-Nil locality police authorities managed to arrest human trafficking network detaining 177 foreigners including 27 females at Ulwan areas in Sharq Al-Nil

inside six houses besides a pickup vehicles used in their operations.
Three Sudanese were also arrested because they availed shelter to the foreigners in their houses.
Khartoum State Police Director, Maj. Gen. Ibrahim Abdul Rahim said that the operation comes with the implementation of the policies in Khartoum State to control Butana Valley area for the crimes that threaten the public security.
The Police authorities said that within its campaign in East Nile Locality its forces combed that area to control the human trafficking activities.
For his part, East Nile Police Director, Brigadier Salah Hassan El-Tayeb said that they set a plan under the supervision of the State’s police director and investigation department to arrest the criminals.
He pointed out that the 177 foreigners include 27 females were hidden for more than 21 days to be transported to other areas inside and outside Sudan, affirming that the head of the network was arrests besides other two, adding that they also found rifles and a store full of commodities and drugs.
He said that the human traffickers have moves to rural areas to be far from the eyes of the police authorities.
Koko police station commander, Colonel Mustafa Omer Abdul Sadiq said that the plan was implemented 100%, adding that they filed cases under articles (65) from criminal law and (8/7) from human trafficking act besides article (30) passports against the network members arrested.