Current Date:

Wednesday, 07 March 2018

Inauguration of the Sudanese-German Investment Forum

Khartoum – Sudanese- German Investment Forum was inaugurated at Khartoum International Fair yesterday, with the participation of 6 countries and more than 45 local and

foreign companies, and sponsorship of GIAD Company.
German Ambassador to Khartoum said that his country supports Sudan economically through its participation in Khartoum International Fair, indicating that the said forum serves a number of sectors in Sudan, adding that Germany has mobilized German major companies  in the this field and attracted other companies from Europe and Africa for this forum, adding that the said forum gives a real indicator  for the development of the Sudanese economy and that Germany supports the European Union efforts in supporting Sudan.
For her part, French Ambassador to Khartoum affirmed the important of the Sudanese market to her country.
GIAD representative, Abu Aqla Abdullah praised the role of Germany in supporting the Sudanese economy.