Current Date:

Friday, 11 May 2018

Libyan Leading Figure: Hafat and Darfur Armed Groups Mercenaries behind Sabha Clashes

Sabha (SMC) – Commander of the Libyan Sixth Infantry Brigade, Brigadier Ahmeed Al-Ataibi, affirmed that Khalifa Hafar troops

were behind the clashes takinf place in the southern parts of Libya supported by the mercenaries of Darfur armed groups and some other African countries.
He described the military situation in Sabha as a battle between Haftar troops and the national accord government army, denying that it is an intertribal conflict.
Al-Atraibi said that they are fighting for the sovereign of Libya.
Meanwhile, Sabha municipality director, Hamid Al-Khayali said that the mercenary groups are planning to occupy South Libya to loot its wealth.
Informed sources in Sabha said that fierce clashes are taking place since Sunday against the African mercenaries a matter that resulted to the evacuation of 70 families from the area.