Current Date:

Saturday, 03 February 2018

Non-Custodial Measures Workshop for Children Convenes

Khartoum - The National Council for Child Welfare (NCCW) organized the non-custodial measures workshop for children

to provide service and deal with delinquent children, victims and child witnesses.  
Dr. Omaima Abdul Wahab, Secretary of the Secretariat of  legislation and criminal justice for children at  the National Council for Child Welfare said that the services consists of health, psychological, legal and social services for the enforcement of the Children's Act 2010 to put all the roles of the judicial organs.
Omaima  revealed that there is a  partnership with UNICEF to achieve justice for children , the Council have a  plans and a roadmap with partners to bring justice to children, explaining that the workshop  aim  to  discuss  the role of the Public Prosecutor's office in investigation and investigating with  children and criminal justice issues within the national and subnational framework, documenting good practices in the justice systems and developing a roadmap for how children can receive services while in criminal facilities, she said .
She referred to a measure outside the judicial system through training, rehabilitation and reintegration into society, and the child could serve the community and referred to the Court's social control measure in the final stages of child rehabilitation.