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Saturday, 03 February 2018

Port Sudan Coast on Red Sea Provides Amazing Natural Beauty

Port Sudan - Port Sudan Coast on the Red Sea is considered one of the cleanest coasts in the world because

it is not affected by environmental changes as it also possesses a diversity of aquatic wildlife.
Moreover, there are big and diverse gatherings of coral reefs and colored fish giving the coast amazing scenery. Also there is rare and rich aquatic life such as the turtles. This is besides existence of rocky islands, scenic coastal lanes, mud and sand plains, mangrove forests, sea grasses and bays.
Dean of Marine Science and Fisheries College Dr. Moammer Al-Tayeb Ali has said the Red Sea is endowed with rich marine resources, saying the coral reefs in the Sudanese coast are the most amazing ones in the Red Sea, considering their diverse species and scenic nature.

The Economic Value of Coral Reefs:

He said there are some 200 types of coral reef species in the Sudanese coasts, pointing out that the estimated economic value of coral reefs is $3000 a square meter.
He indicated that the Red Sea is considered as most attractive for tourists for its amazing natural sceneries and rare aquatic wildlife, making it one of the most distinguished destinations of diving sport.
He also pointed to existence of protected marine parks to preserve rare species, which are threatened of extinction in all seas of the planet, such as sharks, sea turtles and others.
He cited the most distinguished areas of tourism in Port Sudan as Sanganeb, Abington, Shaab Rumi, Angaros, Wingate, two historical minarets and other attractions.