Current Date:

Thursday, 01 February 2018

Daily Arabic Newspapers Headlines Tuesday 30th January, 2018


* Security/Political Committee to Resolve GERD Disputes

* Al-Sissi: No Crisis between Sudan and Egypt over GERD.
* Parliamentary Committee Tends to Visit Political Detainees.
* Al-Mahdi Calls for the Postponement of Addis Consultative Meeting.

Akhbar Al-Youm
* Hassabo Threatens to Arrest Warring Tribal Chieftains.
* PCP: Egypt Considers Sudan as Second Class State.
* IAEA Examines the Possibility of Establishing Nuclear Reactor in Sudan
* US High Level Delegation Visits Refugees Camps in Salam and Jabalain Localities.


* Finance Ministry: Poverty Rate Declined after South Sudan Cessation.
* Government: Dialogue will Be with Who is the Battlefield.
* Al Bashir Discusses with Somali President the Bilateral Relations.
* Prime Minister Receives Message from Kuwaiti Counterpart.

Al-Youm Al-Tali
* Imminent  Summit between Al Bashir and Al-Sissi in Khartoum
* PCP: Egypt Is Still Providing Support to Opposition in Darfur and Eastern Sudan.
* Al Bashir Discusses with Debby the Joint Issues.
* Government: We Target the SPLM-N Delegation and Not Individuals.

* IOM: 9 Thousand Sudanese Applied for Political Asylum in Europe.
* CBOS Reveals Arrangement to Pump the Export Revenues to the Banks.
* Minister of Transport: No Intention to Privatize Port Sudan Harbour.
* Finance Ministry Affirms Commitment to Finance Strategic Projects in 2018.
Al-Ray Al-Aam
* Irrigation Ministers of Sudan, Egypt and Ethiopia to Discuss the Disputes over GERD.
* CBOS Sticks to Cash Expatriates Remittances in Foreign Currency.
* Wages’ Higher Council Calls for Increasing the Salaries.
* Central Darfur Governor Expects Increase in Returnees after the Success of Firearms Collection Campaign.

* Saudi Investors Express Desire to Import Meat from Sudan.
* Parliament Questions Three Ministers on Price Hikes.
* Endowment Ministry: Religious Coexistence Is Deep-rooted in Sudan.
* Russian Company to Repair Silos in Gedarif and Port Sudan.
* Government Grants 5000 Housing Units to MPs.
* National Human Rights Commission Warns against Escalation of Violence on Price Hikes.
* Finance Minister to Appear before the Parliament on US$ Exchange Rate Rise.
* Splits within Sudan Call Alliance on Addis Ababa Consultative Meeting.