Current Date:

Thursday, 01 February 2018

The Sudanese Ethiopian Joint Business Council

Sudan and Ethiopia are closely linked by natural geographical relations joined by cultures, dialects

, similar advantages and mutual migration, especially across common borders. These factors have led to social integration between the peoples of the two countries, which have contributed to the commercial prosperity of the border cities due to this peaceful coexistence. On the other hand the political and economic development is identical in both countries plus the similarities in lifestyle patterns that control consumer behavior and desires facilitate the cultural and trade activity. To establish a frame work of economic relations and create a desire for boosting economic relations on the domain of trade and investment to achieve mutual benefit, a joint special initiative was establish to enhance bilateral trade relations between Sudan and Ethiopia. This initiative intends to bring into being a regular and recognized forum the joint Sudanese – Ethiopian business council which is meant for the re enforcement of economic and business activities in the tow country’s

The Joint Business Council
It is interested in the discussion and exploration of commercial opportunities, investments, technology transfer, services and industrial sector. The Joint Business Council also promotes exchanges and interaction between Sudan and Ethiopia in all Areas. In order to exchange economic information related to trade, investment encouragement and services between the two countries. The two parties signed an agreement on the establishment ofa joint businessmen council in April 2009 during the meeting of the Joint High Committee and in the presence of the leaders of the two countries.
  The agreement stressed that the private sectors in both countries should lead the economic and social development processes. This objective can be achieved through increasing trade exchange, enhancing economic cooperation and implementing joint investment projects between the two parties. The agreement also urged the Council to adopt short-term action plans based on activities, necessary means and the need to establish an Executive Committee consisting of four members from both sides.
The Sudanese side in the joint council chose Mr. Wajdi Mirghani as chairman of the 20 members representing businessmen in the sectors of industry, trade, agriculture, small transport industries and the Sudanese state. On the other hand, the Ethiopian side was headed by Mr. Green as chairman of their 20 members. The council discussed during two meetings the action plan and decided to form of the Executive Committee, and urged both sides to nominate 4 people from each side to the membership of the Committee. This plan seeks to develop and enhance trade and economic cooperation between the two countries through the implementation of some activities during a period of not more than one year as a first stage which may be renewed and modified provided that the Executive Committee should review and follow up the implementation of this plan and submit reports to the meetings of the Joint Council to take its decision in accordance with the mechanism followed in this regard.
The activities of this plan will focus on two directions in relevance to the governmental side. Policies, legislation and other measures should be laid out in both countries to ensure free circulation of persons, the export and import of basic commodities. As well as removing the obstacles that affects the economic activities in both countries. The two parties should review the agreements carefully, concluded between the two countries and inspect the actual level of implementation, coordinate well enough to urge the two countries to finalize all the agreements that have not yet been signed. They should also clarify the special policies related to the laws, legal procedures that encourage entrepreneurs to enter in commercial partnerships and joint investments through special facilities such as multiple entry visas that have been implemented.