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Sunday, 04 February 2018

FM Undersecretary Meets Ethiopian Ambassador

The Idea of establishing a partnership appeared after many processes , continued for years ago to organize and strengthen Sudanese- Irish relations


Law of Private Work issued by World Health Organization concerning the appointment of health cadres provides suitable frame to morality principals and social Supervision in this regard. Ireland committed to accomplish this law within an international initiative to train medical cadres where the graduators receive high training in Ireland to Return home with good experiences to improve health services in their countries.

According to SUNA ,In 2017 Sudan was the second state that joined to these initiative after signing an agreement between ministry of health in Sudan and Corporation of Health Services in Ireland due to the importance of health in economic, social and humanitarian development in both of two countries. And approving the wide cooperation between two countries in field of development and health services.

The agreement aim to improve medical care in Sudan and Ireland and take the fully advantage from moving the medical active cadres to improve and strength health systems in both countries and developing system of Rights, Care and development of workers in field of health.

In addition to build capacities in field of health care and fields of education, training and researches via exchange and partnerships between administrations. Besides encourage Sudanese medical migrant cadres, who work in Ireland to participate in supporting and developing health system in Sudan including education and training.
This cooperation between two countries targeted priority topics in health sector and to explore various options that may include initiative of improve the quality of services through strategies and methods of better medical services and patients care. In addition to provide more opportunities of training and exchange experiences to improve capacities of health cadres and create more facilities of sustainability good health services in both countries.

So corporation of health services in Ireland utilizes from sources and capacities of World Health Organization(WHO) and cooperate together in frame of Understanding memorandum of Irish Aid (2017) and ETHER Program.

Worth mentioned, relations between Sudan and Ireland began since many last decades 1960s where Sudanese Doctors came to Ireland for training specially in fields of Surgery and Internal medicine. Then It became the main station for them while number of registered Sudanese Doctors doubled ten times and increased from 64 doctor in 2000 to 403 in 2012.

More over there are many successful cooperation fields between the two states in health sectors. Such as cooperation between Mother& Childhood Care in Um-durman Maternity Hospital, Cork University Maternity Hospital and Program of " Let Us help children to breath".

In field of Treatment and combating Cancers diseases , there is cooperation between the National Cancer Institute ( University of Al-Jazeera) and the National Office of Sever Cases Hospitals in Dublin . in field of Handicap and Social Protection there is also cooperation between Ahfad University for Women( Sudan) and the International Health Center in Dublin. In addition to the International Initiative to train Medical Cadres Graduators between Sudan Council of Medical Specialties and Medical Services Corporation in Ireland.