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Friday, 04 August 2017

Periscope: Realistic Anti-Illegal Migration Strategy (3)

It seems that despite all warnings from experts that the EU (European Union) in particular

and the West in general including the US needs a new realistic implementable strategy to address the accelerating challenge of illegal migration that western leaders insist on doing business as usual. The last of these useless efforts were the two initiates made lately by the French president Emanuel Macron.
The first was the meeting he organized between the two main rivals, the  Libyan Army  General Khalifa Haftar and the country Prime Minister Fayez al-Sarraj.
In a 10-point statement released after the meeting, the two leaders said, “We commit to a ceasefire and to refrain from any use of armed force for any purpose that does not strictly constitute counterterrorism.” 
They also said the two sides are committed to “building the rule of law,” and integrating fighters into “lawful military forces.”
Although the communique did not stipulate a date for elections, Macron said Sarraj and Haftar had “struck an agreement to hold elections next spring.”
But all experts agree that these are just public statements and pipe dreams which serve no one but Macron public image because Al Sarraj and Haftar are not the only players in the field.
The key challenge to restoring stability is to set up a unified central government with a single army and police force. And this is a very strong challenge that the statements did not indicate how it will be implemented on the ground; taking into account that Libya now has three governments and two parliaments.
Also, the two sides ignored addressing the throng issue of the demand by many influential parties in the conflict to amend the December, 2015 Libya Political Agreement.
In addition to that the phrase “ counterterrorism “ open the gate to many armed activities which can blow at any time this agreement. What was alos strange in this meeting is that Macron have ignored including Italy a main player in the file and the country that is suffering mostly from the Libyan conflict in weekly thousands of illegal migrants. This had made a rift between France and Italy.
The second such useless initiatives of President Macron was last week  during a visit to a refugee shelter Macron announced that France would set up migrant processing "hotspots" in Africa, including in war-torn Libya, with or without the support of other EU member states.
"We'll try to do it with Europe but we in France will do it," he declared -- his aides later conceding that the scheme was "not possible at the moment" because of Libya's dire security situation.
In Brussels, officials were caught off guard by the unilateral plan aimed at preventing migrants piling into rickety boats bound for Europe.
European Commission sources said they had received assurances that France's position was "completely aligned" with that of the bloc -- but they still ruled out migrant centres based outside the EU of the type mooted by Macron.
This is just that latest models of that the West and in particular the European Union countries are not really serious about searching for real sustainable practical strategies for the illegal migration flow in particular from Africa. Until this is realized the west will continue to live with the challenges and migrants pay the heavy price.