Current Date:

Friday, 04 August 2017

Sudanese Agricultural Bank Awarded Societal Liability Prize in Bahrain

Khartoum - The Sudanese Agricultural Bank has won the prize of excellence in the sphere of societal liability of Islamic Banks

for the year 2017 in recognition of its societal achievements.
The Bank was awarded the prize in its participation in the events of the conference and prize of societal liability of the Islamic Banks yesterday which was organized by the Regional Network of Social Liability at the Kingdom of Bahrain under the motto " Commitments of Islamic Banks towards beneficiaries "  under the sponsorship of  Bahrain Minister of Finance Sheikh Ahmed Bin Mohamed Al Khalifa and the honoring attendance of the International Ambassador of the Societal Liability Adnan Ahmed Yousif.
The  prize was awarded by the General Council for the first time for honoring the best Islamic financial institution from the members of the general council totaling more than 120 financial institution distributed over 32 countries across the world.
The Manager of the Sudanese agricultural Bank Salah Al-Din Hassan said in the aftermath of receiving the prize on behalf of the agricultural bank said the prize which was won by the Bank represents and honoring to the Sudanese banking sector.