Current Date:

Saturday, 05 August 2017

The Clock is Ticking

The clock is ticking for President Donald Trump who must decide to lift two decades the us trade and financial sanctions on Sudan

, after  Sudan  has committed and carried out all the American administration conditions. Sudan has been taking more responsible collaboration with US Administration in different kinds of the anti-terrorism and Human Trafficking policies.  Sudan has not abandoned about duty to South Sudan State and opened assistance corridors to S. Sudan in spite of bitterness since the cessation of  S. Sudan . However, President Al Bashir has taken several procedures to keep sovereignty of Sudan because we are suffering from a long time US promise.  But we should keep the ball rolling.  The us decision are not be taken easy and the decision issues according to many procedures; the first one the interest of the USA regarding to the others. In fact the sanctions have created many obstacles and hit many aspects of life,   destroy more sectors such as aviation, banking, health, and economic sector. Moreover the government has taken a real step to reform national accord government and the security in Darfur region became stable according to UN annual reports.  The US President should take a real step to lift the sanctions on Sudan country we do not find any justification to delay lifting  of the sanctions?
The opposition parties thought that if the us would not lift the sanctions the government cannot be able to control the country but this idea is not correct.
Do not influence in situation significantly. We do not get up and find the dollar drop against Sudanese pound. However, the US would not lift the sanctions unless their goals are achieved completely.  We must know the US rule thought and decision-makers think we do not deal with small country; we deal with the most powerful country in the world. We should keep the ball rolling with it and  we go forward to solve our issues.