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Saturday, 05 August 2017

Thanks to Allah: Optimism

When you look around you, you see everything is well organized. The years season, flow oceans, rivers, growing of flowers

, different sots of weathers, winter, autumn, summer and spring. Then turn left to see sights of high buildings, sweet avenues, streets, beautiful care, luxury shops, malls, tidy hospitals. Then walk ahead you see different humans in colours, tongues, culture, place, and understandings. This is what I call Allah innovations, and by the way there are others seen to you together, living besides us or insider oceans, rivers. They have their own life, culture, societies. They have got in my personal view the same values or conceptions that we have. Why not? They are created by Allah also.
Fortunately what I mean to touch is we are human beings. We love to have everything good for ourselves and communities. We want to grow up families in a fantastic and smart ways. We want them to study at splendid, excellent schools to enter high colleges to graduate in universities, to occupy nice and desired jobs. When they become sick, they meet clever doctors, have good medicines. When they return to their houses they find attractive atmosphere, healthy food, and warm bed to sleep on and clear air to breath.
When they go to markets, they get what they want without fear of price hikes. Oh my God, nowadays when every father or mother go to the market he/she is chocked by the high prices, turned left or right as if looking for solutions but to no avail.
Sorry parents, it is our fate we are blocked. We are punished. The medicine you want, clothes to wear, food to eat, a car to drive, entertainment to amuse not available. That is because we are subject to embargo. Aren’t we living in our own country, cooperating with all for the best of humanity. Haven’t we got the right to say whatever we want? We do not harm others. We love peace. We want to go to and fro without being asked. What is going on earth in this world?
My relatives, friends, children, it is our fate. We must depend on Allah to solve our problems. Work day and night is the track to have you dignity high. Be sure no one will harm you unless Allah allows him to do so. This is our values. We are obliged by our religion to respect others, especially those who have something be believed in. They believe in Allah as we do, then why don’t tolerate in our worshipping for the best of our nations?
Treat the people they way they want you to be treated. Our religion forbids us to harm others. Even in war, we are ordered not to torture the prisoners of war IPOWs). These are our values, love good to other as you love it to yourself. World of today is based on common interests. We share the same ideas with others. They cannot get rid of me and also me. Variables of nature, means you have to cope with, to that end. We people should go together to get the best of these lessons which are given to us by nature. The natural resources, water, land, winds forests, minerals and others are created to us to exploit for the best of our life not to use it to destroy each other. Weapons are the tools which turns our belonging to ruins. Beware what yoy have today you may lose tomorrow. Don’t think that you are the best. Well this is the world laws. Roles are handed to each other by Allah to se what are we doing by it. They are created to be used for his worshiping through equal turns. If you haven’t got the soul faith, you will find it hard to understand it. But it is the fact. All the religions have talked about it.
To sum up this issue, I hope loving each other. Living under one umbrella to shelter us, that is the right track to head towards safe, stability and tranquility. What do you think?
My dear reader, you see that there are some difficulties in joining the issue together, but that is life. Like rainbow have got different colours, so you have to go through the lines and lick up the fruitful result.