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Sunday, 11 June 2017

Spotlight: Social Relationships in Our Life

In social science, a social relation, or social interaction is any relationship between two or more individuals in simple words

.  Human beings in their daily life, have a continuous communication and interaction beginning from inside the one family extended to the neighbors, relatives, the small community in a village or town to the whole community and the surroundings.
These relations take different names and aims, relatives, friends, neighbours, lovers, colleagues at Universities, institutes, schools, or business interactions, solidarity but they are being under the umbrella of social relationships. Sometimes these relations are affected by the economic situations of some families. In the rural areas ties and social relations are very strong and vital. This is clearly noticeable in the social occasions of marriage, death or separations and divorce which have negative effects.
In general these social relationships are governed by traditions, cultures and believe. Family is considered the starting point of these relations among the family members. These relations vary and differ from one family to another, one area to another, even in the rural communities to urban ones. Social relationships both quantity and quality affected mental health, health behavior, physical health and mortality risk. Sociologists have played a central role in finding a link between social relationships and health outcomes.
In fact, social relationships bring very specific rewards that are emotional, material and physical health. Having and maintaining social relationships brings us not only rewards, but certain costs as well. Social media has its effects on these social relationships, either we agree or disagree with its advantages and disadvantages.
Some of my friends and colleagues abroad told me some stories on how they are socially tied with strong and intimate relations abroad in Europe, US, and those who live far East and South, in Asia and Australia, more than what actually exist in their home country. This is may be due to different reasons which create such intimate relations. It depends on the understanding of the limits and spaces of these relations and above all the awareness with the importance of these relations in our daily life.
We ask ourselves some questions; to what extent do our relations be affected with the economic stability? To what extent does poverty affect on these relations? How could we draw a line or make a link between the poor people and the rich ones? Do we support and help and encourage each other?
Let us share our life. Let us enjoy our times with our families, relatives, friends, neighbors, colleagues. Social relationships are important in our life at its different levels , in the local communities and among the most modern and civilized societies .We can’t deny it and we can’t live without it.