Current Date:

Sunday, 11 June 2017

Talking Issues: The National Accord Government Tasks

Many things deserve discussion, the political development, diplomatic challenges, economic issues and security improvement

, the ordinary people talk about the new government which is known as “National Accord Government” that resulted as an outcome of the National Dialogue. This move has realized and achieved political stability through the broad participation of all opposed parties.
Sudan has created political development by separating presidential and executive powers, the current task is to push politic towards permanent constitution to regulate democracy and providing peaceful method of handing power, internationally, the national accord government was welcomed.
The domestic stability facilitates the mission of the diplomacy to play a crucial role regionally and at the global level, the implementation of the National dialogue outcome constituted as a platform to diplomacy to achieve goals, the road has been paved by severing ties with Iran and joining the Saudi alliance, the lifting of sanctions also contributed to make the task easy for our diplomats to correct the bad image that portrait by Sudan anti-media, the internal political deterioration has affected the performance of our diplomatic missions worldwide, more efforts were required to achieve the goals that serving interests.
The major challenge is how to improve livelihood situation, the dramatic increase of goads’ prices alongside the inflation, the government should begin with daily basic needs, the whole economic development couldn’t happen unless the revenue of individuals becomes more than their expenditure, I thing the main pillar in building good economy is concern with households then the government can address the external issues like debts and investments.
The final point is security situation in Sudan. The security news of Sudan has been disappeared from the headlines of newspapers, TV channels or radio stations, while the regular visit of UN and US officials to Sudan and the submitted reports to UNSEC prove that Sudan government managed to spread peace, security and stability, there are many advantages and characteristics make Sudan differ from the countries that collapsed due to the Arab Spring or external interventions. The four mentioned points were represented the big challenge to the National Accord Government.