Current Date:

Saturday, 17 June 2017

Daily Arabic Newspapers Headlines Tuesday 13th June, 2017

* Prime Minister: Government Will Allow for More Freedoms

* Qatari Ambassador: Sudan’s Stance Is Sensitive.
* Tripartite Meeting in Oslo to Discuss Lifting of US Sanctions.
* IGAD Calls on South Sudan Rivals to Commit to Ceasefire.

Akhir Lahza
* Bakri: We will Continue Free Market Policies.
* Al Bashir Arrives in Addis Ababa, IGAD Summit Convenes.
* Bakri Promises to Establish Anti-Corruption Commission.
* UNSC Changes UNAMID Mandate; Amends Its Structure.

Al-Ray Al-Aam
* Al Bashir to IGAD: South Sudan Support Darfur Armed Groups.
* FIFA Delegation Starts Meeting with SFF Officials
* Bakri: NCP: Sudan against Escalation, Support Peaceful Solution to Gulf Crisis.
*  Inflation Rises to 35.52% in May.

Al-Youm Al-Tali
* Health Ministry Registers 250 New Watery Diarrhea all over the Country.
* MPs: 60% of the Laws Contradict the Constitution.
* Agreement between Khartoum and Oslo on UNAMID Exit.
* Sudan Asks the Support of the International Community for Hosting 5 Million Refugees.

* Agar Sacks and Appoints Officials in the SPLM-N.
* Bakri Announces Support to Lifting Subsidies.
* Ghandour Discusses with US Official Lifting of Sanctions.
* AUHIP: We Did Not Receive from the SPLM-N any Notification about Changing Its Negotiations Delegation.

* Abu Garda Announces Considerable Decline in Watery Diarrhea Cases.
* AU Mediates to Resolve Gulf Crisis.
* Parliament Drops Membership of NCP Bloc Chief.
* Al Bashir Sends Strong Messages in Juba Mail on Joint Agreements.

Akhbar Al-Youm
* Prime Minister: Improvement of Economy Subject to Lifting Subsidies.
* Al Bashir Calls for Commitment to Agreements Signed with South Sudan.
* MPs: 60% of Graduates are Unemployed, Sitting under the Trees.
* NCP Mocks Merger of Sudan Call and National Alliances Forces.

* IGAD Demands Juba to Investigate on Supporting Darfur Rebels.
* Qatar: We Appreciate Sudan’s Role in Gulf Crisis, Looking for Peaceful Solution.
* Agar Sacks SPLM-N Spokesperson and other Leading Figures in the Diaspora.
* PCP Renews Rejection of Embargo on Qatar.