Current Date:

Saturday, 17 June 2017

Daily Arabic Newspapers Headlines Sunday 11th June, 2017

* Government: Our Stance Is Steady on Gulf Crisis

* Al-Mirghani Summons His Party’s Ministers in the Government to Cairo.
* SPLM-N in Blue Nile Approves Sacking of Malik Agar.
* UNSC Discusses 40% Cut of UNAMID.

Akhir Lahza
* 944 Complaints against Public Institutions Tabled Before Justice Ministry.
* Sabdarat Criticizes Justice Ministry Statement before the Parliament.
* Trends to Change the Name of Council of States.
* Government Accepts Opening Abyei Corridor to Provide Assistance to South Sudan.

Al-Ray Al-Aam
* Government; SPLM-N Disputes Hinder the Negotiation Process.
* Gulf Crisis Is Standstill.
* Saudi Arabia Terminates the Services of 15 Thousand Sudanese Physicians before their Completion of One Year.
* Dabajo Movement Meets Prime Minister on the Agreement Signed.

Al-Youm Al-Tali
* Vegetables Prices Declined by 70% Due to the Watery Diarrhea.
* Three South Sudan Refugees Killed in Camp in White Nile.
* Ethiopia Announces Support to Kuwaiti Imitative to Settle the Crisis with Qatar.
* Qatar Sticks to Al-Jazeera TV Channel.

* Traffic Accident Claims the Lives of 5 Merchants in Shendi/Khartoum Highway.
* Government: SPLM-N Increases the Two Areas’ People Suffering.
* Trade Ministry Reveals Plan to Increase Exportation and Opening New Markets Abroad.
* EU Supports Kuwait Efforts to Resolve Gulf Crisis.

* Agar’s Supporters Arrested in Blue Nile.
* Parliament to Listen to Report on Premier Statement.
* International Cooperation Forms Committee to Prepare Foreign Assistance Strategy.
* Sudanese/Ethiopian Agreement on Combating Human Trafficking.

Akhbar Al-Youm
* Al Bashir to Participate in IGAD Summit on South Sudan in Addis Ababa.
* US Center: Sudan Steps Forwards to Improve its Position for the US Administration.
* Government Expects Improvement in Trade Balance.
* Agar’s Advisor: Consultation Underway for Popular Initiative to Meet the Aspirations of Blue Nile Area Citizens.

* PCP Demands Government to Announce Watery Diarrhea Outbreak.
* Toker Suffer the Flow of Eritrean Refugees,
* West Darfur Bans Unlicensed Vehicles.
* Islamic Relief Dispatches Convoy to South Sudan Refugees.