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Sunday, 08 October 2017

Khartoum: Capital of CISSA: Heads of African Security at the Nile Confluence

(SMC) - Khartoum hosted during the period September 28-29, 2017 the Conference of the Committee of Intelligence and Security Services of Africa (CISSA)

, which was convened under the Theme of “Comprehensive Strategic Partnership for Combating Terrorism and Realizing Political Stability in Africa.”
Khartoum is considered one of the African capitals that host the activities of CISSA, in which Sudan has remained assuming effective roles in this important continental body since its establishment.

VP: Let Us Unite and Cooperate for Realizing African Peoples’ Objectives

Gen. Atta: CISSA Succeeded in Realizing Many of its Objectives of Boosting Fruitful Cooperation

Security Entrance:
Through the entrance of security and hosting of numerous activities being organized by CISSA, Sudan strongly boosts its presence and restores its natural place at its African depth, after many hostile circles had persistently attempted to besiege it and negatively affect its natural affiliation to the continent.
Khartoum has played host to various activities of CISSA, including conferences of the directors, regional workshops, meetings of experts and other organizational activities of the organs of the Committee.
The convening of many conferences and activities of CISSA in Khartoum reflects one of the aspects of openness of Sudan at the level of its foreign relations towards the African continent and its engagement in the vital issues of the continent.
Furthermore, Sudan’s hosting of numerous continental conferences and activities at the level of security services and others is considered as a testimony by the regional and international communities on the extent of the development the country has realized under complicated security environment that had had negative reflections on its national security.
Sudan has managed to contain all these negative impacts alone before the setting up of CISSA, which is designed to assist the countries of the continent that face challenges such as that Sudan had faced in the last decades.
Mercenaries Phenomenon:
Khartoum hosted on April 6, 2017, the regional workshop, organized by CISSA Secretariat in collaboration with the Sudanese National Security and Intelligence Service (NISS), on “the phenomenon of mercenaries and foreign terrorist combatants and negative NGOs and their impact on security and stability in Africa.”
The workshop was so important that 27 intelligence services participated in it at the level of experts besides 15 regional organizations and institutions concerned with security and stability in the African continent.
Unilateral Sanctions:
As Sudan is one of the countries that have been subjected to unjust unilateral sanctions, Khartoum hosted in March 2005 CISSA conference under the title of “Africa in the Face of Economic Sanctions.” The conference discussed the impact of these sanctions on the national security of the African countries and their ensuing security, economic and social effects.
The Negative Groups:
Khartoum hosted in November 2013, a meeting of CISSA that discussed the issue of “the armed movements and the negative groups and their connection with organized crime.”
CISSA also held in Khartoum the 4th conference of the directors of security and intelligence services of Africa on June 1-8, 2007. The conference was attended by some 46 African states or 90% of the leaders of these services in the continent.
CISSA organized in Khartoum in November 2008 a workshop on the issue of “the International Criminal Court”, as this organization is considered as one of the threats to the security and stability in the African continent.

Excerpts from Address of Vice President Hassabo Mohamed Abdul Rahman

It is a pleasure to address your esteemed gathering as you are concluding your important conference after you have analyzed its issue through accurate scientific study and come out with solutions by far-seeing vision. You have determined the shape of a strategic comprehensive partnership for combating terrorism and realizing political stability in Africa. This is a sound scientific approach for dealing with such issues by studying their roots and addressing them.
Political stability has remained dear hope and targeted objective for Africa since the start of its national era and its emancipation from colonialism. But, the neocolonialism, which knows well Africa and its resources and energies, is aware that a stable Africa will change the balance of power in the world. There is no alternative of supporter for stability of Africa except its sons. Let us unite and cooperate for the sake of realizing the objectives and goals of the African peoples.
Excerpts from Address of CISSA Chairperson 1st Lt. Gen. Mohamed Atta Al-Mawla

This grouping which comprises security and intelligence services in Africa has succeeded in a short time to realize many of its objectives in boosting the bonds of fruitful cooperation among its members and with its counterparts in the world. CISSA is now engaged in having premises carrying its name from self-resources of its members. CISSA’s members have exerted considerable efforts so that its premises will be a concrete reality soon, so that CISSA would press ahead with assuming its appropriate position among the intelligence groupings and to be the vigilant eye and honest hand of Africa.
As we are honored by assuming the chairmanship of a new session of CISSA, we have great hope that we will have concrete effects, relying in this on our experiences in two previous sessions during which we were honored by chairing CISSA. We rely on the cooperation of our brothers, who had never failed us before, besides the expertise of the Secretariat General of CISSA and its leader brother Mr. Shemelis Semayat.