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Sunday, 08 October 2017

CISSA Presidents in Khartoum

“African Solutions for Combating Terrorism and Realizing Political Stability”

President of the Republic: The Conference is a successful conscious step that counts in favor of CISSA and its well aware systems of the security requirements in the African continent.
(SMC) - To encounter the big challenges facing the African continent the leaders of the security and intelligent systems in the African continent are seeking as  it is  the agency assigned to figure out the appropriate  measures and strategies  for facing these challenges to laying own permanent frameworks for making decisions , planning and security policies  at the continent level.
Khartoum fourteenth conference of the Directors of African  Security & Intelligence Systems (CISSA) which convenes during the period 28-29 September 2017 under the theme “ Comprehensive Strategic Partnership Towards Combating Terrorism and Realizing Political Stability in Africa” comes in the framework of applying the theme which was held high by the African Union which is “ African Solutions for African problems” . The conference of the African Security leaders discussed combating terrorism along with a totality of constraints like proliferation of small, light and medium size arms, the activity of the adverse groups, the outlawed non-governmental organizations and the illegal financial inflows.

Excerpts from the speech of HE the President of the Republic Field Marshal Omer Al Bashir before CISSA fourteenth conference
Devoting your fourteenth conference for reviewing a comprehensive strategic partnership towards combating terrorism and realizing political stability in Africa came as a successful step that counts in favor of CISSA organization and for your discrete and conscious systems to the prerequisites and requirements of security in our African continent.
Therefore we in Sudan support your growing efforts and Sudan remained ever since its independence supporting liberalization issues in Africa supporting its peoples for obtaining their sovereignty maintain its security and realizing its political stability.
Africa suffered from terrorist phenomenon which is align from the history and the heritage of the peaceful Africa  a matter which requires containing this phenomenon  through synchronizing efforts via a comprehensive strategic partnership.

1st Lt. General Atta: Issues  to Be Discussed  by the Conference are the Most Pressing Issues for Security and Intelligence Systems in Africa

 Excerpts from the Speech Delivered by 1st Lt. General, Security Engineer Mohamed Atta Al-Mawla before the Conference
This conference gains its importance from the importance of CISSA itself due to what is delivered by that growing organization   and what it continued to deliver for the sake peace in stability our Africa  and its growing role in developing relations between security and intelligence systems in Africa and even developing relations between African  countries governments  and peoples from the one hand one hand and its importance for the African Union and its urgent issues.
The conference aims to discuss means for partnerships between (CISSA) and its peers in the world and methods of cooperation between the institutions and the different countries of the world and CISSA systems.
It is important to establish networks of experts capable of linking the diversified ideas on security issues and between the different branches of knowledge in the age of globalization.
Any country whatever strong and mighty it may be cannot realize its national security without cooperating with its neighbor or with the continental or peer organizations or with other partners.
Encountering the ill of terrorism and its radical causes and its entire dimension is a complicated operation that requires unlimited cooperation between all inside and outside the continent and the spread of terrorism poses a threat to the countries of the African continent.
CISSA aspires via the conference of the presidents of security and intelligence systems held in Khartoum for establishing strategic partnerships more strong and lasting with the different stakeholders at all levels  for enhancing cooperation on preventing and fighting terrorism which is considered the modern day ill for its grave danger against the life , security and stability and prosperity of nations.
CISSA committee which is established on 26 August 2004 aims to assist the African Union and its different systems towards tackling security challenges effectively and operates as a mechanism of dialogue, analysis and consultation
The current conference of security systems presidents which is convening in Khartoum is to shoulder a totality of challenges towards implementing that theme which was adopted by many African organizations in response to the desire of the African Union which represents the big African house aiming to find solutions for the looming challenges before the African continent.
The proliferation of light and medium arms which is killing the peoples of the continent is threat that requires synchronizing efforts of all CISSA member countries whereby black Africa is an open market for arms companies and big countries that produce arms which are competing for obtaining the biggest shares of sales in the world.
During the events   of the conference of the African security and intelligence systems an appropriate environment is available for launching unified projects and security strategies like the committee of the African Security and Intelligence Systems and the existence of a clear agenda unanimously agreed on by the African countries along with the growing marginalization of the continent organizations due to the big countries collusion against Africa and meddling in its internal affairs including security issues.
Khartoum conference will be the best translation of the theme which “African Solutions for African Problems”.