Current Date:

Wednesday, 23 May 2018

US Federal Appeals Court Orders $4Billion to Salah Idriss in Compensation

Arthur Thomas, defendant of Sudanese businessmen Salah Idriss before the US Federal Appeals Court, has finally won the appeal lodged by his client as the court ruled that the Pentagon should pay 4 billion US dollars in compensation to Mr. Idriss for the bombing of his factor back in 1998, lawyer Thomas has revealed. The court ordered that the payment should be made in 9 months.
Salah Idris who was the owner of the doomed factory had sought $50 million in compensation from the U.S. government for the demolition of his factory that resulted from the strike. The U.S. Court of Federal Claims had earlier dismissed the case in 2003 saying that the “enemy target of military force” has no right to compensation for “the destruction of property designated by the President as enemy war-making property.”