Current Date:

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Bakri Directs Establishing Harvest Operation Chambers

Khartoum - First Vice-President of the Republic First Lt. Gen. Bakri Hassan Saleh has directed speeding up holding operation chambers and maximum state of mobilization for

harvest operation this year decribing this year’s production season as unprecedented due to the high productivity expeted in this season.
This came during an inspection visit he paid to the Ministry of Agricultrure and Forestry in the context of the state organs reform program during which the Ministers of the Economic Sector accompanied him.
Bakri said the state is committed to providing all the requirements that will promote and develop the agricultural sector, he described the Ministry of Agriculture as a basic ministry and it comes first in term of attention to providing funding and availing the inputs of the agricultural season as agriculture has timelines.
In this regards he directed the Central Bank of Sudan and the Ministry of Finance to be committed and to speedily provide harvest requirements, sacks and sesame bundling machines and manufacturing them domestically.  Along with establishing storage silos at all the production sites, as well as indigenizing seeds hailing the role of the Agricultural Researches Authority.
He directed the Ministry of Industry to purchase the produce of groundnuts and sesame and demanded effecting firm coordination between the related agencies, particularly in the field of irrigation, where he stressed the need of giving due attention to vertical productivity per fedan not the big cultivated area. 
With Regards to Forestry, Bakri said Gum Arabic is the project most close to fighting poverty and is deemed to be a real driving force for the Sudanese economy.
The First Vice-President concluded his speech by stressing the need to be prepared for the winter season. He elaborated that wheat is a strategic winter crop, it is like a bullet that secures the life of people hence securing food secures people’s lives and enable’s decision making. For his part the Minister of Agriculture Prof. Ibrahim Al-Dikhairi has affirmed his Ministries commitment to the completion of the state reform programs and tackling the setbacks. He disclosed that the funds spent on the agricultural sector has amounted to US$2 billion, with all of it centered on the states and the programmes of applying up to date agricutural technologies.