Current Date:

Tuesday, 01 May 2018

VP Hassabo Commends Hilal’s Role in Restoring Social Fabric

Khartoum – Vice President Hassabo Mohamed Abdul Rahman has hailed  gracious contributions by Misseiriya tribes  to defending the country and doctrine

led by their leader Musa Hilal, especially their efforts to restore social Fabric, peace and stability in more than 80 villages in the region of Mestreiha.
“The efforts and the native administration are in support of the government’s desire to restore unity within Darfur community,” Abdul Rahman said while addressing a mass rally in Mestreiha.
He stressed the government’s resolve to combat tensions and criminals to create a secure atmosphere for the local inhabitants; in addition to development and services projects.
Abdul Rahman added that the government would stay its course of arms collection and disarmament process in the region, demanding local authorities as well as residents report any forms of criminal acts and criminals.
The Presidential assistant directed regional ministry of water resources and electricity to establish and pursue water harvest projects in aid of providing clean drinking and electricity for the locals; in addition to programs aiming to provide welfare for the orphan, poor families, health insurance and social support.
He reiterated the government’s pledge to restore the rule of law and order across Darfur in tandem with ongoing reconstruction and development projects.   In his speech, the Presidential Assistant reiterated his call upon Darfur governors and Darfurins to waste no breath in reporting criminal acts and criminals to concerned authorities in favor peaceful coexistence, security and stability across Darfur.