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Monday, 05 March 2018

Hassabo: Heritage is Important Aspect of National Unity

Khartoum – Vice-President of the Republic, Hassabo Mohamed Abdul-Rahman, has appreciated the government of hope and challenge in Gezira State

, affirming that Gezira has realized state’s goals through the great efforts that it has exerted for realizing progress and increasing the productivity.
The Vice-President has praised the farmers of and the producers’ sector in Gezira for their successes in the research field, a matter that resulted in increasing the wheat productivity from 6 to 30 sacks per the one feddan (acre), besides raising the production of cotton, sorghum and other crops.
At a celebration held in Wad-Medani to mark inauguration of the heritage exhibitions, in the context of the Second Tourism and Shopping Festival of Gezira State, Hassabo has affirmed the importance of heritage which reflects the history of Sudan and the social, ethical, environment and geographical diversity in the country.
He congratulated the Sudanese people on the occasion of 61st anniversary of Sudan Independence Day and lauded the role done by the early patriots and the grandfathers for achieving the independence, stressing that the Independence Day anniversary means the adherence to dignity, pride, self-reliance, history and the national identity.
He asserted the importance of heritage for informing the generations on the essence of the Sudanese people’s power, describing heritage as one of the most important aspects of the national unity.
Hassabo said that Sudan is approaching the era of implementing the national dialogue’s outcome, which included recommendations on the Sudanese identity.
He underscored the importance of the heritage festivals, affirming that history and heritage shall be documented and taught to the new generations.
Hassabo has asserted keenness of the Presidency to support the hope and challenge government of Gezira State which is engaged in meeting the citizens’ desires and aspirations for development and the enhancement of services.
He expressed his appreciation of the roles of the University of Holy Qur’an and the University of Gezira in the societal development.
He said that the implementation of the national dialogue’s outcome and formation of the national accord government will be among the most outstanding accomplishments in the New Year 2017, describing the national dialogue as the biggest political project since the independence of Sudan.
He hoped that Gezira State will play a major role in supporting implementation of the national dialogue outcome and the stability in the country.