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Monday, 08 January 2018

Hassabo: Country will Not Accept Infringing Its Sovereignty or Dignity

Medani - Vice-President Hassabo Mohamed Abdel-Rahman has vowed that the country will not accept infringing its sovereignty or dignity

, saying that the leadership of Sudan is rational and working to boost the rule of law and safeguard the homeland.
The Vice-President, who has inaugurated the Heritage Exhibition held as part of the activities of the Third Gezira Tourism and Marketing Festival, pointed out that the leadership of the country are adopting the policy of open door, joint interests and non interference in others' affairs.
The Vice-President has affirmed that the weapons collection campaign that has covered the states of Sudan has found great response and contributed to boosting security and stability.
He affirmed that the budget of the country for 2018, despite some difficult measures, but it has contained many good omens , including supporting industry and funding production inputs to increase production and boosting exports.
Hassabo pointed out that the budget also stipulated directing the resources for development and supporting the producers and the agricultural technology for increasing production.
He praised  the efforts of Gezira Scheme farmers in increasing wheat productivity paving the way for self-sufficiency in the important commodity.
The Vice-President stressed that 2018 would witness economic breakthrough in the country after the lifting of the sanctions and the country's openness to the world away from any axes.
He affirmed concern of the state with culture and the heritage for enhancing the national values in the National Dialogue's stage.
He affirmed support of the Presidency for Gezira State and its government, which have realized achievements that have been testified by the people.