Current Date:

Tuesday, 09 January 2018

Meeting on Closure of Border Crossings with Eritrea Held in Kassala

Kassala (SUNA) - Governor of Kassala State, Adam Jammaa Adam held a series of meetings with the State's Security Committee

, native administration and parties and political forces to clear aspects of shutdown of all border crossings with Eritrea pursuant to declaration of state of emergency in the Kassala State.
Rapporteur of the Sttae Security Committee, Maj. Gen.(Police) Yahya Al-Hadi Suleiman said the meeting of the Security Committee sought ways of coordination between the different organs, how to execute the order and to enlighten the citizens over the objective reasons behind blocking all border crossings with Eritrea.
In the same context, the Governor of Kassala State held a deliberatory meeting with political forces in the State reviewed counts of state of emergency decree on arms collection and unlicensed vehicles.
The Governor said the shutdown of border crossings would return with major economic benefits, particularly provision of consumption goods, which were previously smuggled to Eritrea, which it, the Governor explained, completely depends on its livelihood on Kassala State.
Representatives of political forces, for their part, described as right the decision of closure of border crossings and that it would reflect positively on life of citizens of the State, announcing their support to government decisions and directives in this connection.