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Wednesday, 02 November 2016

10 Satellites to Air Victorious Hour and Dialogue Completion

Khartoum- The national dialogues’ media committee has completed the technical, engineering and programmes arrangements related to the press conference which will be

organized by National Dialogue Media Committee bringing together (7+7) mechanism and the Secretary General of the national dialogue professor Hashim Ali Salim at 2 p.m of Thursday noon in the Friendship Hall in Khartoum. It is for briefing the local and international media organs and the public opinion on the latest prepartions for the national dialogue’s general conference kick off along with the details of the program of holding the general conference.
The official responsible for technical arrangemts for publicizing conference facts director Shukralla Khalafalla said that unprecedented media, TV and radio coverage by the local, regional and international media organs will be present to honor of the conference and it will broadcast in more than 12 satellites on the channels of Sudan TV network and the unified bundle of the channels of the Union of Arab Countries Radios Through the menus system.
In a related development Sudanese satellite channels is to devote a special programing Thursday for covering the press coference and gving the good tidings of the outcomes of the national dialogue for which the people of the Sudan aspire to end bloodshed of war and complete peace projects and developmental upheaval across the territories of Sudan