Current Date:

Monday, 30 April 2018

Arrest Warrant against Those Accused of Selling Heathrow Line

Khartoum -Minister of Justice Awad Al Hassan Al Nour has announced issuance of arrest to the International Police League (INTERPOL)

  to arrest the suspects of selling Heathrow line who are present outside Sudan stressing that 33 suits of offences against funds were filed  and 148 suits of illicit wealth.
The Minister said in a statement before the parliament on Monday said the arrest of those accused of selling Heathrow line will take place after issuing the international arrest warrant to the INTERPOL for the accused abroad
He expected reaching an amicable settlement between the government and the Kuwait Arif investment group before resorting to arbitration
He noted that the committee assigned with investigating the irregularities of Khartoum State office of the former governor has enlisted 13 plots and seven cars to the value of 25 million Sudanese pounds as well as a sum of six million pounds stressing that the committee has interrogating the categories that benefited from the exemptions like public and private institutions and individuals
The Minister affirmed that the Prosecution of public funds has filed 33 criminal suits of cases of offences against public funds  which were stated in the report of the Auditor General  during the period from   September 2015 up 30 of August 2016   amounting to a sum of 7550000 Sudanese pounds
The Minister of Justice further affirmed that the Ministry has received 148 suits of illicit and suspected wealth.