Current Date:

Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Arrival of 160 Thousand Tons of Gasoline and 120 Thousand Tons of Benzine

Khartoum - (SMC) Governmental authorities announced the arrival of sufficient quantities of petroleum products to the country.
State Minister at the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning, Abdul Rahman Dirar, who headed the coordination meeting, which includes ministries of finance, oil and gas, CBOS, the General Petroleum Corporation and the competent authorities, has announced the arrival of trucks with a load of 160 thousand tons of gasoline and 120 thousand tons of benzine in Port Sudan.
 The meeting assured on the flow of petroleum materials that to meet the needs of the countries, in addition to the availability of sufficient quantities of cooking gas sufficient for consumption for more than two months, stressing that the current oil crisis is temporary and its addressing is  subject to completion of the annual maintenance of the Al-Jaili Refinery.
The meeting urged accelerating the unloading of trucks and meeting the need for consumption of petroleum products.
 Dr. Dirar said that the states will continue to receive their shares of petroleum products from the port of Port Sudan until the treatment of the situation, stressing the government's serious efforts to accelerate the treatment and return the situations to normal.