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Tuesday, 01 May 2018

Guidance Minister Participates in Golden Jubilee of the Two Saints Church in Khartoum

Khartoum –Ibrahim Al-Sanosi, The Presidential Assistance, addressed the celebration with the Golden Jubilee of the two Saints Church in Khartoum on Thursday 26th April

2018.  He explained that Sudan represents a model of religious coexistence.
Dr. Abu Bakr Osman Ibrahim, Minister of Guidance and Endowment who represented Vice president Hassabo Mohamed Abdul Rahman, addressed the celebration, assuring that the religious coexistence is deep rooted between Muslims and Christians in Sudan. He added that the religious coexistence is included in the Sudanese Constitution to keep rights and duties, beside the freedom of religion, and the freedom of worship to all citizens in Sudan
Dr. Abu Bakr noted to that the presence of both Muslims and Christians in these celebrations assured the reality of religious coexistence in Sudan, and refutes any accusing of terrorism or extremism in Sudan.
These celebrations were attended by top official, ministers that assured the importance of the occasion for Christians and to show the real image of religious coexistence in Sudan.