Current Date:

Thursday, 19 April 2018

Arrangements for Launching Land Transport Line for Passengers between Sudan and S. Sudan

Khartoum - A joint meeting on arrangements for launching land transport journeys for passengers between Sudan and South Sudan discussed at the premises of the Sudanese Businessmen Union yesterday the level of implementation of agreements on commodities transportation with the participation of all concerned bodies from the two sides.
The meeting discussed the set routes between Khartoum and Renk besides arrangements for launching the transport line in an effective way the serves the citizens of the two countries.
The meeting underscored that the move comes in the context of the work of the Joint Sudan-South Sudan Business Council and the businessmen unions in the two countries.
It also directed speeding up implementation of the step for its positive economic and social effects on the two countries as agreement has been reached on formation of a committee under the chairmanship of director general of the union Abdel-Salam Al Ghadhi.
Ambassador of South Sudan in Khartoum Mayan Dut has affirmed commitment of his country to extend all facilities for launching journeys for passengers land transport between the two countries.