Current Date:

Thursday, 19 April 2018

Parliament Asks Petroleum Minister for Further Clarification on Fuel Scarcity

Omdurman - Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly, Chairperson of the session, Badriya Suleiman demanded, yesterday, the Minister of Petroleum and Gas to further clarify the reasons for the scarcity of fuel in agricultural areas, which caused the cessation of harvest for the crops of the previous season.
The Petroleum Minister attributed the reasons for the scarcity of fuel to the lack of funding, adding, "If we want to get out of successive crisis that requires the existence of funding to increase production."
Members of the National Council reserved the response of the Minister of Petroleum and Gas on the scarcity of fuel.
The Minister of Petroleum pointed out that there is only one dock for ships in the port to unload the petroleum materials, which leads to the entry of one tanker for unloading and thus delay the map of programmes, stressing that the depots available for storage throughout the Sudan covering domestic consumption for one month.