Current Date:

Monday, 09 April 2018

Al Bashir Affirms State Commitment to Protect and Strengthen the National Document

Omdurman - The President of the Republic, Field Marshal Omer Al Bashir announced that the state will start in the coming days to launch the presidential initiative for

dialogue on the constitution to embody the second phase of the national dialogue.
Addressing the opening session of the seventh session of the National Legislature, Al Bashir said, "We will call upon all parties of the national dialogue to participate in the presidential initiative on the constitution, from parties, political organizations, movements and forces of an active society, civil society organizations, national figures and symbols until the birth of the constitution comes satisfactory to the people, we will put it to the people for a referendum on it to be the cornerstone of our national project to build our public life and our comprehensive renaissance, "referring to the dialogues between various political forces on the timing of the permanent constitution, whether before or after the 2020 elections”, adding “in the spirit of reconciliation that established by the national document, we have initiated consultations to form the national mechanism for the establishment of the permanent constitution of the country, a constitution endorsed by the popular will”.
The President of the Republic renewed his call to the armed and opposition forces to join the national consensus and speed up the announcement of political participation in the dialogue of the country's constitution, calling on the armed and abstainers to renounce armed action and engage in political action and form their political parties and organizations based on peaceful transfer of power, noting that the declaration of renewal of the cease-fire for three months until 30 June 2018, was to give an additional opportunity to search for peace with the remaining arms carriers and a confirmation of sincere determination to reach peace.
"We declare it unequivocally, not intimidation, but a constitutional obligation to implement the requirements of the law that we will never allow the combination of military action against the state and political action under any name, no state has responsibility before God and then in front of the Constitution, has to allow to forces to intimidate and killed its citizens,  to have a political arm inside the country and participate in the political process, and  anyone who believes that he can do so he has no choice but one of two things either to take up arms and then we will face him with the necessary resolution or political action and then he must explicitly and clearly to renounce violence and leave arms and engage in the political process, " Al Bashir said.
Al Bashir announced the commitment of the state to protect national document and strengthen its commitments in all axes covered by the outcomes of the national dialogue.
"The State will continue to protect this document, convinced that the it is a commitment of all the people of Sudan and that its outcomes are the basis of social justice, equality, consultation and democracy in our country," Al-Bashir said, adding, "the spirit of reconciliation produced by the national document led to a great response to the campaign launched by the state to collect weapons, which was assisted by all components of society in 17 states except the Northern State, which resulted in positive results represented in stopping  of the bleeding of citizens due to individual and collective conflicts and holding of many tribal reconciliations and increase the agricultural area, due to maintaining  of security, which  led to the implementation of our integrated plan to turn IDPs camps into fully serviced cities.
President Al Bashir said that the government has moved to the second phase of the dialogue with the US Administration to pave the way for lifting Sudan from terrorism list, revealing significant breakthrough in the relations with Europe and Asia after lifting of the US sanctions, pointing out that the US institutions affirmed that Sudan is not sponsoring terrorism and has a positive role in anti-terrorism activities.