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Monday, 30 April 2018

Joint Borders Development Conference Affirms Security Stability: Chadian Ambassador

Khartoum – (Muawad – Al-Sammani) The Ambassador of Chad in Khartoum, H.E. Salih Hamid revealed the postponement of the Joint Borders Conference scheduled to take

place this March in Gineina to be held next April subjecting the postponement for more coordination to make it successful.
He added that the conference which will be chaired by Presidents Al Bashir and Debby will discuss – among other things - three crucial issues, the first of which is the political, security and military, the second is the economy and trade and the third is the popular diplomacy.
He added in an exclusive interview with Sudan Vision that the Joint border Conference is a clear evidence of stability of security along the borders between the two sisterly countries.
He pointed out that the security axis will discuss boosting the role of the joint forces and the coordination between the security services to curb the organized crime, terrorism, extremism and human trafficking.
He disclosed that the fragile security conditions in Libya has created negative aspects on the Chadian/Libyan borders represented by contributing to the formation of mercenaries from Chadian and Sudanese armed groups who are involved in the war in the Southern parts of Libya.
He added that the economic and trade relations between Sudan and Chad are improving after taking a new dimension through the joint meetings between the private sector and businessmen in both countries which resulted to the signing of cooperation agreements.
Hamid pointed out that the leadership in both countries is keen to link the two sisterly states with tarmac roads; railways to enable Chad have access to the Red Sea through Port Sudan.
He criticized the role of some of the intellects in escalating the tensions through politicization the natural issues along the borders which occur between the farmers and the shepherds.
Full text of the interview will be published in the upcoming issues.