Current Date:

Saturday, 03 March 2018

BADEA Extends Support to Agriculture in Africa Amounting to US$1.2 Billion

Khartoum- (Khalda Elyas - Mohamed Babikir) Director General of the Arab Bank for Economic Development in Africa (BADEA) Dr. Sidi Ould Tah has affirmed that the bank has extended support to the agricultural sector in 32 African countries amounting 1.2 billion dollars.
The Director General of BADEA was addressing a workshop organized by the Bank on the sidelines of conclusion of FAO Regional Conference on Africa at the Friendship Hall in Khartoum, titled the role of BADEA in cooperating with FAO in supporting development projects in Africa.
He explained that BADEA has extended some 20 credited lines for national and regional banks in Africa that are qualified for direct funding for small and medium contracting companies including agriculture.
He affirmed that the presence of the Khartoum-based bank in the conference comes in appreciation of the role of Sudan, which is considered as the food basket of the world as well as to the government of Sudan support to the BADEA in fulfilling its mission.