Current Date:

Saturday, 03 March 2018

Cooperation Minister: Countries and International Organizations Desirous for Cooperation with Sudan

Khartoum- (smc) Minister of International Cooperation Ambassador Idriss Suliman has expected that Sudan would realize great breakthrough concerning international cooperation during the coming period, explaining that Sudan has a number of advantages that represent incentives for this cooperation.
Ambassador Suliman, speaking to SMC, has said the international and regional environment is now conducive for big international cooperation with Sudan in the fields of development, foreign trade, investment and tourism besides technical cooperation.
The Minister pointed out that the year 2018 would witness real start for expansion in the fields of international cooperation, affirming that they daily receive a number of representatives of countries and international organizations that are desirous for cooperation with Sudan.
The Minister of International Cooperation stressed that Sudan owns real resources and enjoys security and stability as the country has become basic element for regional stability and has its role in the strategic relations.