Current Date:

Saturday, 03 March 2018

British Researcher: Police System in Sudan Preserves its Heritage

Newcastle- (smc) Professor of history in the British Newcastle University Dr. Wiloo Bridge has said that the police and prisons system in Sudan is still preserving its heritage.
The British researcher said in an address to a symposium organized by the leftist British Open Agenda organization in London on police and prisons in Sudan, which was attended by 16 persons most of them representing the Sudanese Communist Party, that she had conducted an academic research on the situations of police, prisons and the criminal law in Sudan during the current period compared with previous eras (colonial period and era of parties), indicating that she toured a number of Sudanese towns concerning the punishments of “flogging and stoning” and getting acquainted with the work of courts, explaining that she hasn’t seen any punishments of stoning or flogging, noting that the Sudanese society lives in its normal way concerning its social occasions.
It is worth mentioning that the British history professor has conducted through her research a comparison between the situations of police in a number of countries that had been under British colonization, explaining that the police system in Sudan has not experienced great change and that it preserves its British heritage.