Current Date:

Saturday, 17 February 2018

A Number of Countries Affirm Readiness to Support DDR Programme in Sudan

Khartoum - The Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration (DDR) Commission has announced new openness from a number of donor countries for supporting

implementation of its projects through the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), which is considered as the main partner in the commission's projects.
The DDR Commissioner Gen. Salah Al-Tayeb has said the commission expects entry of US as a donor to the program after the meetings held recently by a delegation of the US Defense Department with commission, who affirmed support to the disarmament and community security projects at areas that had been affected by war.
The Commissioner affirmed in a statement to Sudan Vision that the National Council for Coordination of the DDR programme has approved recently implementation of the commission's plan for 2017 as part of the strategic plan of the commission and got acquainted on the plan of 2018, saying that the plan included increasing the number of the reintegrated former combatants, which reached 6000 besides demobilization of more than 2000 of them.
He pointed out that the council got acquainted with the successes realized and the stability being witnessed in the areas where the programme is being implemented , especially in the border states with South Sudan.
Gen. Al-Tayeb indicated that the Commission is embarked now on implementation of a demobilization camp in South Darfur for some 900 former combatants, which would be followed by other two camps in South and West Darfur in collaboration with UNAMID.
He said the commission is also about to complete the reintegration process for Goz Dango children, who had been recruited by the Justice and Equality Movement, including a child from South Sudan, indicating that the commission enrolled them in schools and provided means of livelihood to their families.
He referred to the support being extended by some donor countries, noting that the Italian Development Agency is implementing water projects in Blue Nile State.