Current Date:

Monday, 19 February 2018

Sudan Calls on International Community to Address Humanitarian Work Challenges in Africa

Khartoum - The First Vice President 1st Lt. Gen. Bakri Hassan Saleh affirmed that the humanitarian work in the African content

have been facing many challenges in the last period and called on the humanitarian aid agencies to assist the poor in Africa without discrimination whether , religious, racial , political or ideological.
He added in his address at the opening session of the Islamic Daawa Organization annual meeting which started last Thursday that the organization efforts have bearded fruits in 40 African countries in the fields of education, health, social care and development.
The Vice-President also called for the need to revisit the plans and programs to address the challenges that are facing the humanitarian work. On the other hand, the head of the non-governmental organizations (NGOs) stressed in address to the session on the need of cooperation among the Islamic countries to address the challenges.