Current Date:

Sunday, 18 February 2018

Saleh Urges Development of Islamic Daawa Organization to Face Challenges of Humanitarian Work

Khartoum (Mona Mustafa) - First Vice President of the Republic and National Prime Minister Gen. Bakri Hassan Saleh

has affirmed support to the Khartoum-based Islamic Daawa Organization in appreciation of its efforts in humanitarian work.
The First Vice President was addressing the meeting of the Board of Trustees of the organization at the Friendship Hall in Khartoum yesterday.
He called for enhancing performance of the organization on the bases of scientific planning to meet the challenges of the humanitarian work and extending humanitarian aid to the African people without any discrimination, hailing the efforts of the benevolent people, who work for the sake of good and humanity.
The Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Islamic Daawa Organization, Field Marshal Abdul-Rahman Swaraddahab, on his part, said the meeting is held under regional and international transformations a matter that calls for boosting partnerships with the benevolent people and donors, affirming that the organization works to develop its programs and administrative and financial systems a matter that made it wins confidence of the donors.
He called for facing challenges of war and conflicts, noting that attempts to distort the image of Islam by some Western circles caused shrink to support to Islamic organizations, referring to investment projects established by the Islamic Daawa Organization to rely on self-resources.
Secretary General of Islamic Daawa Organization Prof. Abdul-Rahim Ali, on his part, reviewed the achievements of the organization in supporting the poor and building mosques in the African and Islamic countries.
Representative of the Islamic associations Dr. Ali Kod, Turkey, on his part, called for the unity of the Islamic world and exchange of experiences in the field of humanitarian work.
A number of Sudanese citizens who contributed much to the humanitarian work were honored, namely Gen. Suleiman Ghandour, a founder of the organization in 1980s.