Current Date:

Monday, 19 February 2018

Experts Commend Government Measures on Economic Challenges

Khartoum - Some experts welcomed the policies adapted by the government to reduce the currency volume

outside the banking sector which have mushroomed to 88 percent. Taha Hussein, member of the Bankers Union said that the latest majors adapted by the Central Bank will participate in addressing the present economic challenges and calling on the government to oblige foreign banks to open Letters of Credit to support economic activities.
On the other hand, Dr. Loay Abdel Moniem Mohamed pointed out that in addition to the positive impact of the last measures, it have been recorded that there is an increase in the flow of the foreign currency proceeds of exports and which have reached $600 million in comparison to $400 million imports which indicate that the economy is recovering strength. This should be taken into consideration to the directives of the meeting that was headed by the Present few days ago and which strong directed the need to reduce the currency circulation outside the banking system.