Current Date:

Monday, 19 February 2018

Minister: AfDB Shows Goodwill to Support Sudan in Writing off Foreign Debts

Khartoum - Minister of Finance and Economic Planning Mohamed Osman Al-Rikabi has affirmed that the African Development Bank

(AfDB) has shown goodwill to support Sudan in the fields of writing off its foreign debts and receiving aid for implementation of its economic programs.
Speaking in a press conference at the end of the visit of the bank's mission to Sudan, the Minister said the AfDB has affirmed that it would extend facilities to Sudan and standing besides the country in dealing with its economic issues, pointing out that foreign debts pose the main obstacle for receiving soft loans by Sudan that assist in implementing its development programs.
He said the AfDB's mission, that comprised 12 executive directors, met during the visit the ministers of economic sector and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs besides some ministers of the service sector and the deputy governor of the Central Bank of Sudan.
The mission also paid visits to Zadna and Kenana Companies in White Nile State.
The representative of the delegation, on his part, called on the international community to support Sudan in its economic reforms, referring to the strength of the Sudanese economic sector and its capabilities despite difficulties.