Current Date:

Saturday, 17 February 2018

Defense Minister Confirms Sudan Readiness to Meet Kuwaiti Needs in Military Training Areas

Khartoum - Defense Minister,  1st Lt. Gen.  Awad Mohamed Ahmed bin Auf stressed Sudan's readiness to meet the needs of Kuwait in the fields of military training in all

Sudanese military colleges and institutes.
During his meeting here yesterday with the Chief of the General Staff of the Kuwaiti Armed Forces, Lieutenant General Mohamed Khalid Al-Khadir, in the presence of 1st Lt. Gen. Engineer Emad Eddin Mustafa Adawi, Chief of the Joint Staff, and Ambassador of the State of Kuwait to Khartoum, the Minister praised the distinguished relations between Sudan and Kuwait, which witness progressing development and cooperation in all areas.
For his part, Lieutenant General, Al-Khadir praised the level of cooperation between the two countries, pointing out to the contribution of the Sudanese officers in the establishment of the military college in Kuwait, which will celebrate its Golden Jubilee this year, expressing their desire to develop and diversify areas of cooperation with the Sudanese Armed Forces to include joint training projects at all levels and to enter in service and production areas for the armed forces of the two countries.