Current Date:

Friday, 20 October 2017

Bkri Directs Enacting Legislation For Those Contributing to Social Liability

Khartoum: First Vice President of the Republic , Prime Minister Bakri Hassan Salih has durced enacting a legislation for all those who are contributing to the social liability which

is embodied by brilliant partnerships with the state out stemming from  the Sudanese liability values
He noted that Khartoum forum for social liability proves that the Sudanese people guarantee  each other
Bkari who was addressing yesterday at the Friendship Hall the inaugural session of Khartoum Forum for social liability which was organized by the Ministry of Social Development at Khartoum State has hailed the ancestors the fathers and grand fathers who went down in history in the field of social laiblity
He said selecting Khartoum as a capital for social liability is an evidence of  the continuous efforts of the government  represented n the Ministry of Social Development along with the private sector.