Current Date:

Wednesday, 02 November 2016

Editorial: Saudi Arabia a Red Line

President Al Bashir is on an official visit to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA). This visit comes within the context of the usual connectedness

that the two countries are very keen to preserve and retain continuously and permanently.
Dilightfully, Sudan and KSA have a lot in common to make out of them almost one entity, so to speak. To begin with, they are true neighbors, physically and geographically and they will continue like this till the doomsday. Religiously, they embrace one religion, which is Islam. Because of this, they have got very much oriented to consolidate their position vehemently and in every field tirelessly and mutually. That is why each one of them is so keen to see the other as living a very decent life conveniently and peacefully.  This situation was well expressed by President Al Bashir while attending the summit that was held at Egypt previously; ‘that the security of KSA is a red line and that under no circumstace it should be crossed’.  On our part we add this; that anyone who dares to just spray KSA with milk, then it is themselves to blame; instead, they will be sprayed by blood hugely violently. 
However, KSA has practically proven that the security of others, especially the neighbors, such as Sudan, is a top priority. Recently, it has established an Islamic Military Amalgamation of which Sudan is a vital member. Its aims have been mainly revolving around the making of peace and stablity as dominating tremendously the lands of the whole region. This is in addition to the fighting of the mushrooming terrorism and extremism that have been plaging the whole universe, especially the Middle East.
Needless to say, this KSA in particular, has contributed a lot and in all fields, as boosting Sudan forward progressively, especially agriculturally.  Now, it shows it very clearly, that it has an intention to cultivate millions of hectres of Sudan’s unlimited fertile lands.
In conclusion, we can say this; it is very imperative for all of us to chant chorally and collectively like this: ‘Long live Sudan and KSA. Long live the cooperation between them’.