Current Date:

Sunday, 11 June 2017

I Have a Dream: The Islamic - Christian Alliance (3-3)

By now the Enlightened Islamic groups should be mature enough and follow what the Quran tells them to be an honest ally of the Christians

and stay away from the pagan of this time .And let the remains of the communists and leftists say you are Imperialists and CIA agents. CIA my foot.  What is wrong with the CIA . It is a decent Agency severing a decent nation. Any nation in the world has its intelligence service Agency.  Moreover CIA was the Soviet and SCP problem and contributed in the US winning of the cold war. However people of the Sudan were rejoiced by the victory of the US just as the believers rejoiced the victory of the Romans against the Persians .
The media published the visit of the Director of Sudanese intelligence service Agency to the US as a result of the CIA invitation. Now we are on the right track .Also published the CIA base in the Sudan will the biggest in the region. We as the people of the Sudan say to Americans in Sudan including CIA officers “feel home “. And Khartoum is just as Miami or Los Angles or Washington DC or Big Apple. Nobody can touch you or bother you and people of the Sudan love you and they will protect you as well as the government. The SCP and other leftist groups are out of gas in this land and they got to realize that most the Sudanese people are pro the US and CIA  agents . CIA my foot.