Current Date:

Sunday, 06 May 2018

Physicians Claim that They Could Determine the Date of Doomsday!

Hey! Play away! One can simply tell those claimers. They are terribly deceived. Kidding! Who told them? This is none of their business to claim that they can do. They should, of course, read their book twice before they start to act. They should calculate their sums beforehand, and before all else, they should think and rethink before they act.
What did they say? Are those guys serious? Are they really gonna tell when is doomsday? It is here, in front of me, in one of the most widely spread daily papers .It says: A recent study at Harvard University claims that it is expected that the World will end in that same way it started; this is via the great explosion.
The theories that are connected with the way of the end of the   Earth Planet went as saying that, this is either to happen due to Nucleolus Wars that possibly to lead to a catastrophic collision with a comet or the slow vanishing in the dark.
 Only God is concerned with such matters; that of the last day, and some others, like when and where a person dies, or knowing the sex of a new born and rainy condition. Such matters are entirely God’s concern; no son’s of Adam is to think of such things.
 Though the claim of those physicians does not seem reasonable, but a turn to the signs of doomsday is now at large. Building so many stories high is possessed by every Tom and Dick, the style of fashionable clothing is a competition in broad daylight. Yes, always wear in naked fashion, of course, both sexes. The behavior and manners of the new generations, isn’t that of their predecessors, the sort of crimes that people commit, both in quantity and quality are not to match with those of the old generations.
 When one contemplates what is on, or what is going around, they think that, this is doomsday itself! Yes, you cannot avoid missing a sign that indicates doomsday in everyday life, going to the market; you will hear and see the many sets of these. Honesty is sacrificed, lying is just turned to a white one, we vow for just the simplest matter to show our ragged cloth and broken threads of honesty. Life is totally changed ; the closeness and the sense of  the togetherness and family ties , is but a WhatsApp  posting ; we meet always in smart phones , of course , for hours , and we neglect our duties towards the God and ourselves .
Alas! Life is diminishing, it’s torn, the shooting up of the unjustifiable prices, the crises of both oil, and butane gas, caring for the ethics of the job, difficulties in using public transport, accepting each other as one nation in one country. It is our own gain; we did it with our hands .Is there among us a one who says: we love the Sudan, viva the Sudan? No. Not the majority.  This is in my opinion.
Do pray thy God!
Thy head, not! Nod
Deeds always, right
 Do what you might
Doomsday; of, think
So, think; then ink
Don’t go as when
Or else count, ten
Let it, comes
When it comes
Be ready ‘for’ that
Or else, wear a hat!
The sun, then ahead
See, how you’re fed