Current Date:

Monday, 08 January 2018

Spotlight: Refugees, Migrants and Human Trafficking

Civil wars, borders disputes, internal conflicts lead directly to instability in the most affected countries with these issues. As result of many social problems appeared and threatens people with their different orientations believes, religious had affected , they left their home countries to the neighboring countries or moved forward looking for better life in the developed countries . Some of the African refugees left their home countries towards Europe, US, Australia, or Canada.  
These regular or irregular internal movements or external ones as migration took many shapes and reasons. Some of those migrants explained that they left their home countries for economic reasons looking for better life or better education opportunities, others explained that they left for political reasons and those are the political asylum.
The long process of this movement of the migrants or refugees from their home countries across the neighboring countries to the destination, they face lot of threatens and risks take many shapes and styles , the influx of the huge numbers of refugees create some sort of health , social , economic and political problems in the host countries.
UN through its different specialized organizations, and the national local organizations exerted great efforts with huge budgets to face those issues. International Organization of Migration (IOM) through its regional offices all over the world had worked hard to organize such migrations and assist in providing some sort of stability by returning home those who lost their ways overseas and in the different countries in Europe in particular. 
Despite these efforts negative phenomena appeared and became one of the threats to the origin, crossing or destination countries, such as illegal migration where hundreds of thousands of refugees scattered at different ports and harbors where human traffickers using migrants crisis to force more people into slavery.
It seems quite clear that the international criminal gangs are taking advantages of Europe migration crisis to force more people into sex and other types of slavery, according to EU report on human trafficking. Statistics and reports about those who failed in the traps of these criminal groups are not accurate in the origin countries of those refugees or migrants. UNCHR as the UN concerned with refugees had exerted great efforts in the registration those refugees, while other refugees who lost their ways to such organizations for their protection.
Human trafficking is considered the most issue threatens governments and people at the same time. It became well organized where lot of money had played. It became a modern business on human beings. Joint efforts are required for the sake of the people all over the world not only Africa as the most affected continent suffered great from refugees ,illegal migration and human trafficking . Sudan as one of the countries suffered from continuous influx of refugees from the neighboring countries and migrants crossing the Sudanese terrorists in the way to the destination countries in Europe and US and the West, in addition to other African coastal countries like Libya where hundreds of migrants facing risks of death over the Mediterranean Sea .
Regional meetings and conference are held in Sudan and other countries in Africa looking discussing these issues trying to find out solutions for joint visions to solve these humanitarian issues. Governments should be more aware in dealing with the internal issues, these problems of refugees and migrants may be the spark leads to huge flammable burning in the humanity body.