Current Date:

Monday, 08 January 2018

2018 Budget for Economical Stability and Poverty Reduction

Big challenges are facing the 2018 budget and great hopes and expectations for economic stability

, and that will happen by lowering the inflation and exchange rates of the local currency, besides achieving regular economic growth.
The 2018 budget is going to focus on increasing the economic growth to 4%, increasing the public investment to 17.6%,  providing 60 thousand job opportunities, reducing poverty and unemployment rates, discount  63% of  charges on imports to avoid prices increase  in the market.
The state Minister of  the ministry of Finance and economic planning Dr. Abd Alrahaman Derar said that '' the plan for this year will focus on enhance life sustenance for Sudanese citizens and give support to the low income citizens''. Derar also revealed that the development projects will be supported with about SDG7 billion to give motivations and financial support for expatriates and exporters, moreover he added that there will not be any new taxes on the new budget that might cause increasing in prices.
Ministry Of Finance had announced that the 2018 budget will give a great support to the low income citizens by giving them the tools for production in direct support or by bankability in indirect way, it revealed that the social support (Heath-Education- and social security) will be increase  specially in the health security,  there will be more medicines that could save lives ,free treatment  in general hospitals,  increasing in services and primary health program specially in the countryside and villages and there will be continuing in the program of finding freshwater (zero thirsty) . The ministry had also announced that in 2018 there will be widening in primary education and continuing in financing alphabetization.
 The Ministry of Social security announced that the Financial support that is going to be given to different sectors (Health – Education –and Social Security) is 32% from the general budget, also the ministry adding that this year there will be a mobile money to support verbatim and producers and this money will be given as loan, this project will cover million beneficial. furthermore the minister of Social Security  Ibrahim Adam  said that" we are going to work on adding 1 million family to health security program and that will increase the converge to more than 80%, beside giving direct support to 800 new family and another intervention to help low income citizens".
In another side the member of the economic committee in the national interlocutor Yasser Algimeaby demanded that it’s very important and necessary to lowering of prices and provide medicines and control the market. Algimeaby  said that ''what had been announced in the budget is very good but the income still constant and life sustenance is increasing day by day, the government should activate cooperation institution, observation on the consumer, and it is very important to put some lows to be able to control the currency prices".