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Monday, 08 January 2018

Al-Buseera Um-Humad!

Once upon a time there was a witty woman called Al-Buseera Um-Humad. Naturally gifted

, she used to invest her intelligence in treating complicated matters, and generally in problem solving situations. Hey! She was the referral consultant in diagnosing chronic cases.
Healing broken limbs was a matter she trespassed, and left it to some distant generations within her family. Her splinters when she used to treat her patients were equating by far the recently known gypsum. She was not only famous for these matters, but she was an eminent herbalist as well.
One day – incidentally it met April fool – she was put into a difficult lesson. Ahmed, who has the primitive ox plough, and his shabby wife Nafisa , brought her their bull  which they depend a lot on of  their living . The ox might be thirsty, inserted its horned head in the water pot, drew in all the water, but in the journey back the horns made it difficult to pull the bull’s head out. He started to move unconsciously. Nafisa couldn’t tolerate the situation, she immediately thought of Al- Buseera . She indulged for a while in a day – dream; how the woman succeeded and soon she gained fame and name. She was full of hope that more complicated problems were solved by this genius woman, if matched by theirs.
Approaching the dwelling of that old lady; they saw that it was a bit crowded, their query was soon answered that those guys had a goat that faced difficulty in giving birth to a twin kids, and their problem was that easily answered. The couple then filled their lungs with fresh air, full of optimism, after exhaling the hot one. Except Ahmed, who was motionless since the occurrence of the incident .
After her diagnosis, the doctor ordered a sharp knife, - Alas! She will start the operation- she also ordered a file. Being lisp; she said: in the loom. She sharpened the tool still. To the wonder of the gathering , she cut the bull’s head in the pot , then she looked sideways , in a sort of murmur ,she ordered something , a boy came , hugging a sizeable rock , handed it over to the doctor , who irretrievably broken the pot , and happily handed in the head of the hero to his owner. Here is your head! She shouted sharply.
Now the long story is curtailed short, rapped and sugar coated to be released to every guy, irrespective of their sex, who doesn’t perform pretty well in perfection of all matters, or at least they show a sign of being an idiot. Do we have many examples of such an example? I guess we don’t, do we? This is in my opinion.