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Monday, 08 January 2018

Transmitting the Culture of Independence!

Hi guys! Let’s rejoice the national day of our country. Yes, the 1st of January

. It really makes a twofold of the strands that twist two great events that make us celebrate the 31 night of December continuously to meet with the creepy fingers of the dawn of the 1st of January. This marks sharply our independence day, together with the beginning of the New Year.
This is what we get accustomed to, and inherited from our ancestors. They used to hang their flags in the broad daylight; they decorate the whole skies of these nice symbolic colours. A nice bamboo makes that flag hover beautifully on the roofs of the vast majority of the everywhere guys. They chant the anthem. Yes, the national songs, and recall the memory back and back again.
Celebrating ‘Independence Day’ becomes like the big two other Eids; that of Ramadan and the big Eid. People start to prepare for it like its predecessors, for example, they buy flags to their kids, and prepare all the necessary things that they need in their picnics and trips. A ram, of course, is the main character on this occasion, buying a ram becomes a must on such an occasion. Alas! We have to avail two rams a year; this is apart from a ram of a naming ceremony if you still give birth.
People only enjoy the holidays, but nobody at all takes the chance to tell their youth about the actual movements the really caused this respectable occasion  and it seems that the young generations on their turn are not that interested to be lectured on such a story. They take it in doses in their w-groups, but the WhatsApp will sometimes exaggerate the matter, and it more waters down things, but in the end they will have it, true or false they will have it.
Because people turn to have quick flashes of everything, and since it is time of quickness, we have to inform them with some sandwiches and snacks of our independence. How did it come? Who was actually behind it? Who wrote the national songs and the anthem? We should tell all these things and others. In fact there should be videos and documented films to recall the lurked memories of Prof. Ali Shumo generation, and simultaneously inform the globalization generations , who are in much need to know about the independence of their beloved country.This is in my opinion. Many returns! Hopefully that we may celebrate the hundredth anniversary.